This might freak you out…

This is kind of weird.

It started in 2004.IMG_0305 (2)

I started having a recurring nightmare about being on a cruise ship that was knocked over by a giant wave. I would have it about every week, and it went on for about a month. And then, the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean happened. My dreams about the giant wave stopped. That seemed pretty strange to me, but I didn’t think too much more about it.

I started having the dream again in 2005. These dreams were more vivid. I was always on a cruise ship, it would eventually be hit by a wave, and the ship would sink. In April, the Norwegian Dawn was hit by a few giant waves. It didn’t sink, but people were hurt, and like before, my dream stopped.

IMG_0271 (2)In 2010 I actually went on a cruise (that’s where all these pictures are from). I’ll be honest- I was really excited, but I was also horrified. Cruise ships have always freaked me out. Not just because of the Titanic, but because I have always had a fear of being trapped somewhere and drowning. (And for the record, yes, I can swim, and I’m not afraid to get into deep water!) Somehow I survived the cruise without any anxiety attacks. I actually had a blast and would love to go on another cruise!

I had gone years without my recurring nightmare about drowning on a sinking cruise ship. And then in December of 2011, they started again. Do you see where this was going? I was at a friend’s house when we saw the news – the Costa Concordia had wrecked off the shore of Italy. Thirty people were killed. Like all the other times, my dream stopped.

IMG_2100 (2)It freaked me out big time. That’s three times that my recurring nightmare happened before a disaster on the ocean.

And guess what started a few nights ago? Yup- the nightmare. Last night’s dream was super vivid, probably the longest nightmare I’ve had. We all knew the ship was sinking, but people kept having fun. I was frantically running around the ship trying to figure out a way to save myself, but then it completely flipped up and cracked in half, and began to sink Titanic-style. I was on top of the ship, holding on for dear life as it went down into the cold, dark ocean.

For the sake of anyone taking a cruise anytime soon, I hope nothing happens.  But how weird would it be if something DID happen?! It really freaked me out a year ago with the most recent cruise ship disaster. I’m kind of freaked out that my nightmares are coming true for some people.

Of course, now that I’m telling everyone about all of this, nothing will happen. Isn’t that how it always works?

Please don’t put me in the loony bin.

4 thoughts on “This might freak you out…

  1. Wow! I’m kinda speechless, not really sure what to say. But…believe it or not, some people really do have the gift (if you wanna call it that) of premonition (not sure if that’s spelled right)

    1. You should be good. There was a boat wreck in New York yesterday with about 75 people injured. So once again, sinking boat dreams and then something happened! As long as I don’t start having the dreams again, y’all will be fine. lol

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