ABC’s of living in Uganda so far…

On Wednesday at around 10:30 pm Uganda time, I arrived at the Entebbe airport. Although just three days ago, I’ve already learned a lot. Instead of just telling you everything I’ve done since I’ve arrived, I thought I would write the ABC’s of living in Uganda so far…IMG_20130801_111418

A – Amazing. I had no idea Uganda was so hilly! Apparently it’s nicknamed The City on Seven Hills or something like that. It’s so incredibly beautiful. And plop in the middle of these hills is Lake Victoria. It’s so serene!

B – Barking. Guard dogs everywhere, always barking.

C – Cab. We took a cab to the market the other day. It’s actually a minivan and they shove as many people as possible inside. It’s quite amusing.

D – Dutch. I have two Dutch roommates: Elize and Debby. They are so sweet and helpful, and I can tell that living with them will be great!

E – Entebee. That’s the airport about an hour away. The airport can’t be in Kampala because of all the hills.

F – Food. My favorite meal so far was my first night here and we ate at Café Roma. I had pizza with cheese, onions and tuna on it. It was so delicious!

G – Gaba Road. This is one crazy road! People everywhere, cars everywhere, bodas everywhere, it’s quite the busy road here in Kampala!

H –  Horrifying. Riding through the streets of Uganda is rather horrifying. I thought Niger was bad. I thought Nicaragua was bad. I thought Zambia was bad. No way. Uganda takes the cake. Chaos everywhere, along with chaotic drivers.

I – Indescribable. How I feel since arriving here.

J – Jumping Spiders. I keep having to kill them in my room. And apparently they bite!

K – Kampala. The capital city of Uganda, where I live. Full of life and beauty!

L – Lake Victoria. I haven’t seen much of it, just when it peeks out from between the mountains. I can’t wait to see more of it!

M – Mzungu. That’s what white people (visitors) are called in a lot of countries in Africa. The guys will yell this at us as we walk along the street.

N – Nighttime. Do go out at night by yourself. Scary stuff around here.

O – Oregon. This is where Jeff and Christine are from. They are the World Gospel Mission leaders here in Uganda.

P – Pineapple Fanta. I am so excited that they have Pineapple Fanta here! It’s so delicious!

Q – Quiet. This is something that rarely ever is here in Kampala!

R – Ramadan. This is still going on which means lots of Calls to Prayer and loud Arabic music coming from the mosques.

S – Simba. That’s our dog! He is a little nuts. OK so he’s pretty much on crack, but I guess that makes him a good guard dog!

T – Turkish Apple Tea. This is a scrumptious tea my roommates made me my first morning here, and Debby made me another glass this evening. It almost tastes like apple cider. Yum!

U – Uganda. I am mesmerized by its beauty and can’t wait to see more of this amazing country!

V – Vicious. That’s the best word to describe the pack of evil geese that are often waiting for us on the other side of the gate around our house.

W – Wet. It’s rained every day since I’ve been here, but only for a short period of time. Then the sun comes back up and all is beautiful again!

X – eXcited. I know, I cheated a little bit there. I am so, so excited to see what God has planned for me here in Uganda.

Y – Yard Signs. If you have a nice house, you have to spray paint, “NOT FOR SALE” on your outside gate so that if you leave on vacation or something, no one will sell your house while you’re gone. Makes sense to me.

Z – Zebras. There are no zebras around here. Sorry!

2 thoughts on “ABC’s of living in Uganda so far…

  1. Ronna

    Boo Boo in “N”. Add NOT. Do NOT go out at nite. I’m a proofreader, can’t help myself. And jumping spiders? Thank goodness for your mosquito spidey net. I needed to hear all this, thank you for sharing!!!!! You have an audience!

  2. marybeth racle

    so great to read your blog…I love apple tea…we had it in turkey and haven’t been able to find it in the USA…hugs

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