35 Insights as I Turn 35

12118615_10153044632656573_2102188589518850252_nbOn October 22, I turn 35 years old. In those 35 years, I have learned a lot: some funny things, some serious things, some amazing things. So here are 35 insights/bits of advice I have come to know in my life so far:

  1. Life without God is difficult. Life with God is still difficult, but it is way, way better. I prefer to live with hope, and Christ gives me the hope and peace that I need to live a fulfilled life.
  2. If a guy tells you he’s bad news, he is.
  3. Friends will come and go. They aren’t all meant to last forever.
  4. Trends can be fun, but wear what you want.
  5. Sometimes it’s OK to be a mess.
  6. Christians are a tough group to deal with. But they are not God. Love God for who HE is, not His people.
  7. If someone doesn’t like you, that’s their problem.
  8. Don’t find a decent guy and try to change him into what you really want. Find one you love just the way he is.
  9. Church can be frustrating, but you need it to feed your soul.
  10. Nothing feels better than helping someone else. Try it.
  11. A handful of amazing friends is way better than tons of mediocre friends.
  12. Spend time with your family as often as possible.
  13. Get rid of the toxic people. I repeat: GET RID OF THE TOXIC PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE.
  14. Travel. Even if it’s to a nearby city you’ve never been to, travel. If you have the funds to do so internationally, even better.
  15. We have it good here in America. We have it really good.
  16. Never be embarrassed. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  17. Fly first class at least once.
  18. Don’t cut your own bangs.
  19. Worrying about being popular when you’re a teenager is useless. And it’s totally ridiculous when you’re an adult.
  20. A friend can break your heart just as badly as someone of the opposite sex. And you still have to let it go and move on.
  21. The only person who will never let you down is God.
  22. Don’t lie to your parents. Eventually, they will find out.
  23. Don’t do anything just to be cool. Do it because you want to.
  24. Be friends with people who have beliefs other than yours.
  25. If it’s time to grow up, grow up. But “growing up” is different to everyone.
  26. Sponsor a child. Adopt. Be a “big” for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Tutor. Do SOMETHING for a child who isn’t biologically yours.
  27. Don’t get/use a credit card unless you can pay it off right away.
  28. Listen to the advice of your parents. They are usually right.
  29. The average-looking guys from high school will end up being the most successful and the best looking.
  30. You will only find a good guy when you stop giving the wrong ones all the attention.
  31. You cannot substitute cornstarch for flour.
  32. Pray.
  33. Don’t give up on finding a job you love, or at least one you don’t hate.
  34. Stand up for yourself. You are not a doormat.
  35. Be thankful to face another birthday. There are many in the world who won’t make it to whatever age you’ve reached.

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