October of 2010

These chains around my heart are there to protect it.

They are there so no one can get in, so no one can harm me.

You had the tools to break through those chains.

Day after day, the chains fell off.

My heart became exposed.

My heart became vulnerable.

My heart remembered how to love.

But then you put those chains back.

You didn’t have to.

You could have treated my heart like the fragile thing it is.

Instead I feel like you took those chains from before and used them to bruise my heart.

You used them to shatter my heart.

Used them to crush my heart into a cold, bleeding, useless thing.

And THEN you put the chains back on.

And threw away the key.

It took four months for you to take those chains down.

It took one week for you to put them back on and make it so I never open myself up to love ever again.