No More…

Before writing a blog post, I felt led to write a poem about yesterday’s tragedy and the children who have died. I am a faithful believer, based on what I have read in the Bible, that all children who die enter the kingdom of heaven. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you saw my status about how I believe we must pray for those left behind and the suffering they are going through. For these children, who so tragically died, they will suffer no more. And that’s where I got the idea for this poem.

No More

There will be no more birthdays.
No more gifts on Christmas morn.
No giggling from their bedrooms.
It’s as if they were never born.

There are no more smiles.
No more hugs for mom and dad.
No baby dolls or little league games,
It’s enough to drive you mad.


There will be no more suffering.
No more tummy aches or bruises.
No more misunderstanding,
No team that ever loses.

No tears shed over lost pets,
No more fighting over toys.
God has perfectly prepared His kingdom,
For these little girls and boys.

No more will they worry about anything.
No more will they be distressed.
For their lives are now in heaven,
Where they are truly blessed.

Moms and dads will miss them,
Their families see them no more,
But we must remember that these angels,
Are now inside heaven’s door.

17 and confused, imagine that!

I really wish I remember who I wrote this poem about, but I don’t. So many years ago! So dramatic!

December 3, 1997

You’re a jerk, I hope you die.
If you do, I won’t cry.
I’ll be strong, I’ll be brave.
I’ll have dances on your grave.
You treat me like a pile of crap.
But I’m the one who needs a slap.
Cuz you are mean, you’ve made me blue.
But through all this, I still love you.


October of 2010

These chains around my heart are there to protect it.

They are there so no one can get in, so no one can harm me.

You had the tools to break through those chains.

Day after day, the chains fell off.

My heart became exposed.

My heart became vulnerable.

My heart remembered how to love.

But then you put those chains back.

You didn’t have to.

You could have treated my heart like the fragile thing it is.

Instead I feel like you took those chains from before and used them to bruise my heart.

You used them to shatter my heart.

Used them to crush my heart into a cold, bleeding, useless thing.

And THEN you put the chains back on.

And threw away the key.

It took four months for you to take those chains down.

It took one week for you to put them back on and make it so I never open myself up to love ever again.