Who is Natalie?

Name: 1012333_10151453432236573_275048135_nNatalie

Age: 35

Marital Status: Single

B.A. Journalism – Indiana University
M.A. Education – LaGrange College

Job: Communications Coordinator for a nonprofit, freelance blogger

Hobbies: writing, reading, volunteering, missions, photography, baking, cooking

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all writings on this blog were written by me, Natalie. Feel free to “re-blog” anything, but my writings are not to be used elsewhere without my permission. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Who is Natalie?

  1. Hello, Nat; it is a pleasure writing you and visiting your blog.
    Summit City…. Either Ft. Wayne, Ind.; or, Akron. I am close to Ft. Wayne….. been there often.

    Keep up your writing, Nat and May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you always.

  2. Natalie , Hi don’t know if you remember me ! I was up late tonight just looking on Facebook and to my surprize I saw this blog . I always enjoyed you and the rest of the Girls my daughter. Had as friends. I was in tears went I read this story. No one had any idea you had went through that! I know just how you felt it happened to me but it was my ex. Who would think someone you loved and cared for would hurt you like that! . Yes Natalie you are a very strong person , if not for any other reason you didn’t let him control your life Plus you forgive him and. you found god and went on with being Natalie! I’m really proud of you Sorry this happened to you. Love Dee

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